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Simple authoring tool for interactive Virtual Reality Trainings


Create exciting VR training courses in no time at all

The Metaverse Authoring Tool with which interesting learning scenarios can be created with fun and simplicity

With MetaLearn, the virtual reality authoring tool for the Metaverse, we have set ourselves the goal of taking training for your employees to a new level. 

The tool is intended to give you the opportunity to create educational VR training simply and intuitively, with a lot of fun, so that your employees in the Metaverse can experience training that not only makes what they have learned easier to learn, but above all can also be experienced - so, that what has been learned is anchored and leads to lasting learning results.

Our employees will be happy to give you an insight into the tool and guide you through the new possibilities that open up to you. Don't hesitate to contact us today for a free, no-obligation demo. 



Choose from thousand of scenes/environments



Individualize your 3d characters: Whether CEO, training boss, celebrity - with our system you can not only choose from hundreds of predefined professions and personalities, but also personalize characters.


Choose from hundreds characters


Interactive Props

select from hundreds interactive Props

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