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VR awareness game

Customer: Ecodrive
Number of employees : < 5
Turnover : < 1 million
Industry: Prevention

Our services

Proven measures


A low-cost VR game was designed to make trade fair appearances more attractive

Implementation and technology
We were responsible for the conception, design and technical implementation. The aim was to create a low-budget awareness-raising VR game for a four-figure amount that could be set up anywhere with little transport effort. 

On the graphical side, the implementation was largely carried out with purchased assets and relatively simple programming on our part. The aim was for the users to remove as many unnecessary energy consumers (seat heating, air conditioning, unnecessary luggage) from the passing cars as possible within a certain period of time. A slow-motion function was integrated to make the game even more fun: Users could press a button on their controllers that triggered a small time explosion and slowed them down for about 20 seconds, making it easier to spot and remove the unnecessary energy consumers.

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