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VR Drive school simulator

Driving simulators designed and manufactured for your company, training center or driving school.

Train your driving students with our VR driving simulator

Take your driving school to a new level with our VR driving simulator - an advanced tool that will transform the way you train and prepare future drivers.

Designed specifically for driving schools, this simulator revolutionizes the way student drivers experience and acquire important driving skills. Our VR driving simulator is designed to meet the diverse needs of modern driver training, whether you are a driving school owner, a driving instructor looking for advanced training tools, or a learner driver embarking on their journey.

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Implementation and technology

The VRL research team set up a Virtual Reality Driving Simulator. Benefits of Virtual Reality (VR) technology linked with the advantages of a driving simulator offer the possibility to conduct experiments in almost real-life conditions with the advantage of having full control of the experiment’s environment without endangering the participant’s safety.

We focus on the development of a virtual teaching environment to ensure that learning scenarios are as close to the real teaching/learning situation as possible.

Our virtual instruction algorithm is based on analysis of a variety of instructions. By now, they are manually analysed and grouped into different categories to have an adequate overview of the instructional setting.

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HD environments
The advantage for autonomous vehicle developers is that simulated environments can replace live testing during initial product development and testing. VR driving simulators allow autonomous vehicles to navigate complicated intersections with realistic road markings and street furniture. Driving simulators can recreate extreme events and environmental conditions such as fog, road debris and unpredictable (non-autonomous) vehicles. They run a million times faster than live driving tests. The physically realistic sensor models and environmental factors create a more realistic learning environment.

HD maps
Environmental data in HD map format is required for the functionality of the autonomous vehicle. We've used a variety of different mapping technologies to get the most accurate representation of the world possible, creating large-scale HD maps for various locations. 

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The application can be used in numerous languages including Arabic, German, English, French, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese,Romanianch, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian. We cooperate with our partner for use in the area of emergency helper 1-day courses in Switzerlandhe AGORAS. 



Car simulators

Driving training in the VR simulator for driving a car includes all the elements necessary for learning to drive a car, from the beginning (driving training) to the end (advanced driving training).
In collaboration with professionals, a wide range of training modules has been developed to meet the expectations of teachers and students

Truck simulators

This is a training program based on driving simulations to increase risk awareness and reduce road accident rates. The VR driving simulators enable the demonstration and application of the most important road safety rules and messages and make the training realisticcher.


- Driving school lessons 
- Encounters with dangers
- Impressive landscapes to explore (cities, mountains and highways)
- Smooth and realistic driving behavior
- Free ride mode available
- Stunning 3D graphics with realistic vehicle interiors
- Keyboard, gamepad and steering wheel support
- Realistic engine sounds for each vehicle

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vr fahrsimulator

Comprehensive Training Modules

Our Drive VR Simulator offers comprehensive training modules covering fundamental skills. This ensures your students receive a well-rounded education, preparing them for the challenges of real-world driving. Drive VR Simulator goes beyond traditional methods, delivering a thorough and effective curriculum tailored to prepare drivers for the complexities of the road.

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Basic maneuvers

Learners practice fundamental driving maneuvers, including turns, stops, and starts, to build a strong foundation.


Complex Intersections

Navigating complex intersections is a crucial skill covered in this module, preparing learners for real-world city driving.

Parallel Parking

Mastering the art of parallel parking is essential for urban driving. This module provides hands-on practice in a virtual environment.

image_23h20m03-29-2019 232021.jpg

Challenging Weather Conditions

Driving in adverse weather, including rain, snow, and fog, is simulated to enhance learners' skills in various conditions.


Interactive Traffic Scenarios

Learners practice navigating through traffic, responding to signals, and safely interacting with other vehicles on the road.


Day and Night Driving

Driving conditions vary, and learners experience both day and night driving scenarios to adapt to different lighting conditions.

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