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Meta Quest Pro mieten

We provide you with the Quest Pro for testing

For the Meta Quest Pro rental, we are happy to provide you with our device. It was purchased on October 28, 2022 and is as good as new. The Facebook or Meta VR headset is used internally for testing purposes and is therefore also available for rental.  If you would also like to take a look at the Meta Quest Pro, we will be happy to provide you with the VR glasses for rent.

Meta Quest Pro Mieten

Rental costs/Rental conditions of the Meta Quest Pro

The costs for theRent the Quest Pro be:


For 1 day (return the next day by 8 p.m. at the latest)

  • CHF 100 Meta Quest Pro Rental: Handover at Zurich HB

  • CHF 50 Meta Quest Pro Rental:  for flexible self-collectors (in district 1 or 3, will be determined by us in advance by telephone, depending on where we are)

For shipping to a specific location, please contact us in advance. 

2-day rental for the Meta Quest Pro

CHF 150

Rent Meta Quest Pro:

upon handover at Zurich main station

CHF 90

Rent Meta Quest Pro:

for flexible self-collectors (in district 1 or 3, will be determined by us in advance by telephone, depending on where we are)

For shipping to a location outside Zurich, please contact us in advance (079 312 6504).

Computer Circuit Board

For each additional day: CHF 50 (please note: we usually limit the rental to a few days).

Image by Richard Horvath

What can you use the Meta Quest Pro for, or what is it worth renting it for?

In addition to the mixed reality approach, we also find the face tracking of the Quest Pro interesting: this allows you to track facial expressions and experience your conversation partners in virtual reality as if they were 'real': You can also see how their eyebrows, mouth and... Moving your eyes helps with immersion in the glasses.

Rent Meta Quest Pro - these are the technical specifications:

By using pancake lenses, a patented optical technology that "folds" the light inside the optical module, Meta was able to reduce the thickness of the headset by 40% compared to the Quest 2. Colors appear even more vibrant thanks to a 1.3x larger color spectrum and 75% increased contrast.


Rent the Quest Pro to try out the new features for yourself.

If you have questions, we are happy to help!

about the Quest Pro

Information that goes beyond the rental of the Quest Pro

The Meta Quest Pro is the successor or expansion of the Quest 2. In addition to the fact that the Quest 2 does not have face tracking and the resolution is slightly lower, the B/W cameras are also problematic for use in mixed reality area. 

A disadvantage of the Quest 2 compared to the Quest Pro is the slightly lower performance and that it seems a bit larger and clunkier than the Quest Pro. 
What is an advantage of the Quest Pro is the long battery life of the VR controller. These can easily be in operation for several days or weeks before they need to be replaced. We only had to replace the battery in Meta Quest 2 in rare cases. 

Please contact us

For the Meta Quest Pro rental or for further requests

Virtual Reality Learning GmbH
c/o Office Services
Zugerstr. 76B
6340 Baar


L.kuster (at)

+41 79 312 65 04

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