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First Aid VR Training

Train your employees with our new Virtual Reality First Aid Application

Our new first Help Virtual reality training is revolutionizing training in the field of emergency responders

Designed for standalone VR devices, tablets and smartphones, our first offersHelp application provides an immersive learning experience characterized by simulations and interactive modules. This application is ideal for training personnel in various organizations and institutions.

The training is modular and allows for a tailored learning experience. organizations can adapt the content, graphical representation and languages to your specific needs. This ensures high relevance and effectiveness for every target group.

Measure training success

Our platform can be used to measure various parameters, such as the response rate, the number of correct and incorrect answers, the duration of the training, etc.

Our app also has a final test with which the learners' performance can be checked. 

Optionally, certificates can also be delivered automatically via email, and other extensions can also be implemented.

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The default graphics consist of a stylish low-poly environment. This helps to maintain a certain level of abstraction despite realism in order to be sensitivee Not to scare people away from the contents of the application. There is also the option of displaying the graphics in a realistic style.


The application is offered in Arabic, German, English, French, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian and many other languages. For use in the area of emergency helper 1-day courses in Switzerland, we cooperate with our partner AGORAS. 


In terms of content, the application covers all important First Aid topics:

  1. Recognize, assess and prioritize first aid measures according to the rescue chain.

  2. Perform basic life-saving measures in the event of cardiac arrest, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the use of defibrillator devices (AEDs) if an AED device is available.

  3. Check consciousness

  4. Correct storage

  5. Self-protection

  6. Symptoms and treatment of strokes

  7. Symptoms and treatment of back injuries

  8. Dealing with anaphylactic shock

  9. Dealing with burns

  10. Treatment of minor injuries such as wound care.

  11. Recognizing your own limitations and requesting further help.

  12. Behavior in dangerous traffic situations

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Final test

An optional final test checks the participants' knowledge and evaluates their performance, which contributes to quality assurance and to determining learning success. Overall, our VR Application an innovative, customizable and effective solution for first aid training.


The application can be adapted to the wishes of our customers. 


An additional option of our application is the multiplayer functionality, which promotes teamwork and collaborative learning. Participants can play through scenarios together and learn from each other, which significantly increases the effectiveness of the training.

Use on different devices

In addition, the application is flexible and can be used not only as virtual reality training, but also on tablets and smartphones as well as PCs, which ensures broad accessibility and adaptability to different learning environments

Improvement of VR First Aid Training through extensive detailed content

The detailed content of our First Aid VR Training covers a variety of topics, from mobile accessibility and assessments to team building exercises. Users experience realistic simulations and receive real-time feedback, ensuring a comprehensive and customizable learning journey for effective emergency preparedness.

First Aid Game Experience

Transform your learning experience into an engaging game format. Compete against others in a virtual environment and make First Aid Training both educational and fun.

Scenario-based first aid VR training

Immerse yourself in scenario-based First Aid. These story-driven scenarios add a narrative element to your training and make the learning experience even more engaging and memorable.

Module Environmental emergencies

Explore First Aid for environmental emergencies such as heat stroke, hypothermia and allergic reactions. This module provides users with the knowledge to address health issues related to various environmental conditions.

Realistic simulations

Our VR application provides realistic simulations of emergency situations, enabling a hands-on experience that closely emulates real-life scenarios. Users can actively engage in real-life situations, improving their ability to respond effectively.

Integration of the First Aid App

Seamless access to the First Aid VR Course via our dedicated First Aid App. This integration allows users to use the training program on different devices and offers flexibility and convenience.

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Virtual Reality First Aid Tests

Measure your progress through Virtual Reality First Aid Assessments. These assessments provide real-time feedback on your performance so you can identify strengths and areas for improvement.

Real-time feedback on First Aid Training

Real-Time First Aid Feedback provides you with immediate assistance. This function gives you immediate feedback on your actions during the simulations and ensures that you can take immediate corrective measures to learn optimally.

Advantages of the Virtual Reality First Aid Course

Discover the real benefits of taking the First Aid VR course. From greater confidence in emergency situations to improved retention of first aid knowledge, users will gain valuable skills that can save lives.

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