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First Aid VR Company Course

Train your employees with our new Virtual Reality First Aid Application for companies

Train your employees with our innovative Virtual Reality First Aid Application for company training courses.

Our First Aid VR Training program combines current virtual reality technology with important safety standards to provide a comprehensive learning experience for your company. With our Virtual Reality App, we offer an immersive training experience that was specially developed for companies and institutions. Our application is ideal for training your employees as it works with standalone VR devices, tablets and smartphones.

The program aims to prepare employees for any type of workplace accident, from minor injuries to serious medical problems. Our First Aid VR Course uses simulations and interactive modules to improve responsiveness in emergency situations and reduce the risk of injury and its exacerbation.

Our First Aid Training is modular, which allows companies to adapt content, graphics and languages to their individual needs. This guarantees that the training is highly relevant and effective for all target groups within your organization. By training your employees in First Aid, you promote a safer and more prepared work environment, which not only increases workplace safety, but also increases the well-being and satisfaction of your employees.

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Evaluation of the training success

Measure your employees' training success with our corporate course First Aid Training Program, an innovative platform designed to accurately measure and analyze your employees' training success.

In addition, our platform has a final test that evaluates students' performance at the end of the course. To ensure that all participants have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to respond correctly to emergency situations in the workplace, this test is crucial.

With our company First Aid Course, you not only ensure that your employees are trained effectively, but you also have the tools at hand to measure and continually improve their learning success.

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We place great emphasis on visual design in our corporate First Aid VR Training program to create an effective and engaging learning experience. 

The low-poly graphics allow learners to focus on the fundamental aspects of the First Aid Course without being distracted or overwhelmed by excessive graphical representations. This type of visualization is ideal for clearly and understandably conveying important First Aid concepts and techniques while creating an engaging and interactive environment.

We also offer the option to present the graphics in a more realistic style. The needs and preferences of your employees and your company can influence this decision. Advanced learners who prefer more detailed and life-like representation may prefer a more realistic graphic style.


The application can be used in numerous languages including Arabic, German, English, French, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese,Romanianch, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian. We cooperate with our partner for use in the area of emergency helper 1-day courses in Switzerlandhe AGORAS. 


Our company course First Aid Training Program offers comprehensive coverage of all essential first aid topics to optimally prepare your employees for emergency situations in the workplace. The contents of our application include:

   1. Recognize, evaluate and prioritize first aid measures.

   2. Life-saving basic cardiac arrest measures: Our training provides detailed instructions on how to perform  cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to enable life-saving measures in critical situations.

   3. Consciousness Testing: We teach how to effectively test a person's consciousness, which is important in assessing the severity of an injury.

   4. Correct positioning: Proper positioning of an injured person can be crucial to preventing additional injury and stabilizing the condition.

   5. Self-protection: During first aid, it is important to protect yourself to protect both the responder and the victim.

   6. Stroke symptoms and treatment: A special focus is on the recognition and initial care of serious medical emergencies such as strokes.

   7. Dealing with anaphylactic shock and burns: We train in the recognition and initial treatment of acute reactions such as anaphylactic shock as well as in the correct care of burns.

   8. Treatment of minor injuries.

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Final test

Our company course First Aid Training offers an optional final test for quality assurance and performance assessment. This First Aid VR App is customizable, effectively tests participant knowledge and provides an effective First Aid learning solution.


Our First Aid Application adapts flexibly to specific customer needs in the corporate environment.​

Use on different devices

Our Company Course First Aid Training App is versatile, compatible with virtual reality, tablets, smartphones and PCs. It therefore offers wide accessibility and adaptability to different learning environments, enabling a comprehensive and flexible First Aid Training experience for companies of all sizes.

Improvement of VR First Aid Training through extensive detailed content

The detailed content of our First Aid VR Training covers a variety of topics, from mobile accessibility and assessments to team building exercises. Users experience realistic simulations and receive real-time feedback, ensuring a comprehensive and customizable learning journey for effective emergency preparedness.

First Aid Game Experience

Transform your learning experience into an engaging game format. Compete against others in a virtual environment and make First Aid Training both educational and fun.

First Aid VR training based on scenarios

Immerse yourself in scenario-based First Aid. These story-driven scenarios add a narrative element to your training and make the learning experience even more engaging and memorable.

Environmental emergencies module

Explore First Aid for environmental emergencies such as heat stroke, hypothermia and allergic reactions. This module provides users with the knowledge to address health issues related to various environmental conditions.

Realistic simulations

Our VR application provides realistic simulations of emergency situations, enabling a hands-on experience that closely resembles real-life scenarios. Users can actively engage in real-life situations, improving their ability to respond effectively.

Integration of the First Aid App

Seamless access to the First Aid VR Course via our dedicated First Aid App. This integration allows users to use the training program on different devices and offers flexibility and convenience.

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Virtual Reality First Aid Tests

Measure your progress through Virtual Reality First Aid Assessments. These assessments provide real-time feedback on your performance so you can identify strengths and areas for improvement.

Real-time feedback on First Aid Training

Real-Time First Aid feedback provides you with immediate assistance. This function gives you immediate feedback on your actions during the simulations and ensures that you can take immediate corrective measures to learn optimally.

Advantages of the Virtual Reality First Aid Course

Discover the tangible benefits of taking the First Aid VR Course. From greater confidence in emergency situations to improved retention of First Aid knowledge, users will gain valuable skills that can save lives.

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