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We are one of the few agencies that explicitly specializes in VR learning.

We are not an agency, but rather implement all VR applications in-house. Even if things become more complex and, for example, additional C# libraries are required or we need hardware components, we have the expertise to solve this internally. This guarantees flexibility and a wide range of implementation options for our customers, such as connection to motion platforms, our own hardware development, the "VR Bike", the development of node-based teaching and feedback systems, performance optimization for powerful applications for the Oculus -Quests, etc.

Our well-rehearsed core team not only consists of VR specialists, but is also positioned accordingly in the area of adult education/e-learning/VR learning. Our team is expanded by project-related freelancers who help us to manage capacities and utilization for the benefit of our customers.

When it comes to large corporations, we have broad experience in implementing everything from simple animations to complex learning platforms.

We were named one of the top 25 startups in Switzerland and various press publications reported on us and our products. As a startup, we bring a breath of fresh air, the opportunity to look at ideas from new perspectives and the flexibility to quickly familiarize ourselves with new subject areas in order to implement applications quickly and easily.

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