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VR Training - non-binding and free advice

We can help you

Virtual Reality Learning GmbH, voted one of the top 25 startups and mentioned in various press articles, is one of a few agencies that specializes exclusively in VR training experiences.

We would be happy to offer you an insight into the possibilities of VR-supported training - applied to your case: Book a non-binding and free on-site consultation / presentation of the possibilities of VR or simply a telephone consultation: +41 79 312 65 04 .

What the press says about our VR project

Our VR projects have already attracted a lot of attention in various media. A brief overview of the works published to date is available here. As you have probably noticed, the reactions to our VR projects are always positive. We are grateful for the media attention that supports our vision and innovation.



VR driving simulator

For prevention training and awareness-raising measures, the specialist unit Am Steuer Nie has commissioned us to develop a VR driving training simulator that demonstrates the effects of alcohol, distraction and fatigue on the likelihood of accidents.


VR awareness game

To make trade fair presentations more attractive, a VR game was designed that is easy to transport and install.
We were responsible for the concept, design and technical implementation.


VR LaserTag Gaming Arena

To improve the utilization of the laser tag area of a leading regional leisure center, a VR game prototype was developed that works in the premises and with the conditions of a laser tag room.


VR energy saving game

A low-cost VR game that can be used at various events was implemented to raise awareness of the issue of saving energy inside buildings.


* Customer projects in the gamified learning sector (agency work under the former name Media Media GmbH and under Virtual Reality Learning GmbH)



VR conception and realization (in-house)

We design and develop complex virtual reality learning applications adapted to your needs: We examine the learning objectives, the curriculum and the learning material to be taught in detail in order to implement the most effective training tools with verifiable learning effects.


Many of our customers want to start small and try things out first. We offer a hand and always find ways to implement our customers' concerns in a cost- and time-efficient manner and to prepare cool virtual reality learning prototypes for presentations, meetings or initial user tests, etc. Contact us free of charge and without obligation!

Non-binding, free advice & presentations

Our credo is to provide our customers with the information they need to decide for or against virtual reality as a learning tool. As a decision-making aid, we offer our VR learning guide and carry out free and non-binding brainstorming sessions/consultations on site or by telephone.

We are of course also available to give lectures in the VR learning area.

Contact us

Virtual Reality Learning GmbH
c/o Office Services
Zugerstr. 76B
6340 Baar


L.kuster (at)

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